This page provides links to and descriptions of resources for gifted and twice-exceptional children and adolescents and their families, as well as teachers and counselors.   I have attempted to compile a list of resources that are recognized by families, researchers, and educators who have or work with military connected students, which include gifted and twice-exceptional students.  I welcome any suggestions for additions or adjustments to this list.

Military Connected Students

    American Academy of Pediatrics, Support for Military Children & Adolescents - for military pediatricians and youth serving professionals, "The AAP Military Youth Deployment Support Website has been designed to support military youth, families, and the youth serving professionals caring for this population. ...learn more about what military pediatricians and other youth serving professionals are doing to help military children and adolescents every day."
    Blue Star Families -  "Blue Star Families is a non-partisan, non-profit organization, created by real military families.  We are committed to supporting one another through the unique challenges of military service and asking the larger civilian population to help as well, connecting military families regardless of rank, branch of service or physical location, and empowering military family members to create the best personal and family life possible for themselves."
    Department of Defense Military Family Support Page - "regular updates on all DOD and related efforts to help improve the lives of military families."

    Military Child Education Coalition - "The work of the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) is focused on ensuring quality educational opportunities for all military children affected by mobility, family separation, and transition. A 501(c)(3) non-profit, world-wide organization, the MCEC performs research, develops resources, conducts professional institutes and conferences, and develops and publishes resources for all constituencies."

    MCEC – Ask Aunt Peggie – For questions about military-connected students and education.  "Peggie Watson is an expert researcher for the MCEC and serves as a trusted resource for families and educators around the world."  

    Military Child Initiative, Building Resilient Kids Web Course - course through Johns Hopkins University is "for school administrators, support staff and teachers to help all students meet life’s challenges with resilience, focusing primarily on students from military families."

    Military Impacted Schools Association -  "a national organization of school superintendents. Our mission is to serve school districts with a high concentration of military children. MISA is part of the National Association of Federally Impacted Schools.  MISA works on funding, legislation, partnerships and programs for military families on the move. MISA conducts workshops for educators and provides resources on connectedness, building resilience, military life, transition, and deployment."

    MIC3 – Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission - "The goal of the compact is to replace the widely varying policies affecting transitioning military students. The compact leverages consistency: It uses a comprehensive approach that provides a consistent policy in every school district and in every state that chooses to join.  The compact addresses key educational transition issues encountered by military families including enrollment, placement, attendance, eligibility and graduation."

    MIC3 Guide for Parents, School Officials and Public Administrators

    Military Kids Connect - "an online community of military children (ages 6-17 yr old) that provides access to age-appropriate resources to support children from pre-deployment, through a parent's or caregiver's return."

    Military K-12 Partners – "Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA)’s Educational Partnership program works collaboratively with the Department of Education in efforts to ease the transition of military children and by providing resources to LEA's (Local Education Agency) that educate military children."

    Military K-12 Partners -  School Liaison Officers - "coordinate and assist school aged children of military parents with educational opportunities and information necessary to succeed in an academic environment." 

    Military One Source - "Policies, procedures, timely articles, cutting-edge social media tools, and support.  All in one place, empowering our military community."

    Military One Source, EFMP/Special Needs - "The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) works with military families with special needs to address their unique needs throughout the assignment process and after families have settled into their new installation." 

    Military Youth on the Move – "for kids, pre-teens, and teenagers.  One-stop shop for advice and info on moving, social life, school, and more."  Through Military One Source.

    National Military Family Association - "leading non-profit advocacy organization focusing on issues important to military families."

    National Military Family Association Operation Purple Camps - "The National Military Family Association has collaborated with outstanding camp partners  to continue supporting military kids with Operation Purple Camp. At Operation Purple Camp we embrace being “purple” and bring together military kids from all ranks and services -to include National Guard and Reserve components - over a unique and memorable summer camp experience."

    National Military Family Association Publications – Community Toolkit, Military KidsToolkit,  Military Teens Toolkit

    Our Military Kids - "Our Military Kids, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to provide support and recognition to military children. This may include children ages 5 years through the 12th grade of deployed National Guard and Reserve service members, along with children of Wounded and Fallen Warriors from all branches of service. The grants to children pay for fees associated with athletic, fine arts, and tutoring programs. Our Military Kids’ grants keep military children engaged in activities of their choosing, helping to relieve the stress of separation from a parent by providing a positive distraction, minimizing emotional destabilization, building self esteem, and enabling academic achievement."

    Sesame Workshop for Military Families - "provides much-needed support and practical education with Talk, Listen, Connect, a multiphase outreach initiative to help kids through deployments, combat-related injuries, and the death of a loved one. Videos, storybooks, and workbooks especially created for this program guide families through such tough transitions by showing how real families — as well as furry monsters — deal with similar circumstances."

    Student Online Achievement Resources - "a program for military families and the school districts that serve them.  It aims to address the unique challenges facing military children in our nation’s public schools, while benefiting the overall student population.  SOAR Home is an internet-based application, which is easily accessible worldwide.  Students take an assessment aligned to state standards, and SOAR directs them to individualized tutorials to improve skills where needed. Parents can monitor their children’s progress from anywhere, and are provided with resource materials."

    United Through Reading Military Program - "Our Military Program helps ease the stress of separation for military families by having deployed parents read children’s books aloud via DVD for their child to watch at home." 

    U.S. Department of Education, Educator’s Guide to the Military Child During Deployment

    Zero to Three Military Family Projects - "We work to increase awareness and collaboration throughout the military community so that parents and professionals can more effectively care for very young children and their families."