All of these journals and magazines are linked to their websites and are available through subscriptions.  They may be found through public libraries and their databases or through college and university libraries.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, ask a librarian directly.  Librarians are excellent resources!

CEC – available with membership or non-member subscription

Exceptional Children – scholarly journal, Insightful and pioneering research, topical issues, and broad perspectives by leaders in the field.

Teaching Exceptional Children –magazine with research-to-practice information and materials for classroom use, as well as current issues in special education teaching and learning.

CEC-TAG – available with membership or non-member subscription

Journal for the Education of the Gifted – scholarly journal, providing information and research on the educational and psychological needs of gifted and talented children.

IAGC - available with membership

IAGC Journal - professional journal of the Illinois Association for Gifted Children.

NAGC  - available with membership or non-member subscription

Gifted Child Quarterly – scholarly journal, scholarly reviews of literature as well as quantitative and qualitative research studies written by experts in gifted education and related fields.

Parenting for High Potential - magazine designed for parents who want to make a difference in their children's lives, who want to develop their children's gifts and talents, and who want to help them develop their potential to the fullest. 

Teaching for High Potential –magazine with practical guidance and classroom-based materials for educators striving to understand and challenge their high potential students. 

TAGT - available with membership

Tempoofficial peer-reviewed journal of the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented (TAGT). Its mission is to promote awareness of issues in gifted education and to provide information on research and best practices in the field. 

Additional Journals and Magazines

Gifted Child Today – peer-reviewed quarterly publication for parents, teachers, and other professionals who are interested in gifted education. Manuscripts may address all areas of gifted education that pertain to practices, policy, or applications of research.

Gifted Education International - peer-reviewed journal that provides support, information and guidance on all aspects of gifted education. It is essential reading for teachers, parents, lecturers in education, psychologists and social workers, administrators and anyone interested in the field of gifted education.

Journal of Advanced Academics  - quarterly scholarly journal that focuses on research that supports and enhances advanced academic achievement for students of all ages. In particular, JAA publishes articles that feature strategies for increasing academic achievement, programs that promote high levels of academic achievement and engagement, and programs that prepare students to engage in high-level and rigorous academics.

Roeper Review - international, quarterly, refereed journal publishing scholarly articles that pertain to practice, policy, applied research, and theory in all dimensions of gifted education. 

Young Exceptional Children - magazine designed for teachers, early care and education personnel, administrators, therapists, family members, and others who work with or on behalf of children, ages birth to eight, who have identified disabilities, developmental delays, are gifted/talented, or are at risk of future developmental delays or school difficulties. One of the goals of the journal is to translate research findings into effective and useful strategies for practitioners and families. Thus, articles should have a sound base in theory or research, yet be reader-friendly and written for a broad audience.

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