Coaching for Students

I believe that it is important for students to discover their interests and passions and actively create paths to reach goals that they set for themselves.  My role is to follow their lead and facilitate their self-awareness and self-reflection, talent development, and self-advocacy.

My services include:

  1. Providing resources and advice to individual students.
  2. Presenting to or conducting workshops for student organizations, clubs, or groups.
  3. Facilitating student/student, student/parent, student/family, student/teacher, and student/counselor meetings. 

Common Questions:

What does it mean to be "gifted"?

Why am I different?

How do I find friends who understand me?

How do I communicate with my parents?  With my teachers?

I'm interested in so many things.  How do I figure out my strengths and interests?  How do I decide what interests to follow?

What do I need to do to find a mentor?

I want everything that I do to be the best - to be perfect.  Is that bad or good?  How can I tell?

How do I make a difference in my community?  In the world?



Past Workshops

Parent/Student Forum

Parents and gifted students from grades K-12 were invited for an evening discussion of what worked for them in the gifted program and what didn’t.  Students were divided into groups according to grade:  K-5, 6-8, and 9-12.  Parents and student groups met separately and used large sheets of paper and markers to list their ideas and comments.  Students and parents came together later to share their findings.  After the workshop, comments were compiled and shared with the parent support group for the gifted program and the GT coordinator.

High School Survival Guide for Gifted Students

Senior gifted students were invited from all high schools in the district and the district’s Gifted High School Mentorship Program to lead a panel discussion for gifted middle school students.  The high school students were asked to come up with advice for the younger students that they wished that they had received before starting high school.  Topics included Honors and AP classes, extracurricular activities, planning schedules, what colleges are looking for, and navigating the social culture of high school.