Articles and Reports

 A Nation Deceived:  How Schools Hold Back America's Brightest Students - Nicholas Colangelo, Susan Assouline, and Miraca Gross - "A Nation Deceived highlights disparities between the research on acceleration and the educational beliefs and practices that often run contrary to the research."

Common Core and America's High Achieving Students - Jonathan Plucker for Thomas B. Fordham Institute - "While the merit and politics of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have been much debated and discussed, one topic has been virtually ignored: What do the standards portend for America’s high-ability students? This brief addresses that question and provides guidance for CCSS-implementing districts and schools as they seek to help these youngsters to reach their learning potential."

Common Core State Standards: A Good Fit for Gifted Education?  Jennifer G. Beasley, EdD - "With so many states committing to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) many educators of the gifted and talented are wondering what the CCSS might mean and whether these new standards will be a good fit for the students they serve."

Do High Flyers Maintain Their Altitude? Performance Trends of Top Students- Yun Xiang, Michael Dahlin, John Cronin, Robert Theaker, and Sarah Durant - "This groundbreaking study is the first ever to examine the achievement of high-performing students over time at the individual level."

High Achieving Students in the Era of NCLB -  Steve Farkas, Ann Duffett, and Tom Loveless. "This publication reports the results of the first two (of five) studies of a multifaceted research investigation of the state of high-achieving students in the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) era."

Is It a Cheetah?  - Stephanie S. Tolan - Gifted children and achievement-oriented thinking.

Mind the (Other) Gap!  The Growing Excellence Gap in K-12 Education - Jonathan Plucker, Nathan Burroughs, and Ruiting Song.   "A new report from the Indiana University Center for Evaluation and Education Policy (CEEP) finds that achievement gaps among high ability students from different economic, racial, and linguistic backgrounds in the U.S. are large and growing, and some of the top achieving groups aren't performing as well as in the past."

The Paradox of Giftedness and Autism (2008) - Susan Assouline, Megan Foley Nicpon, Nicholas Colangelo, and Matthew O'Brien.  "In the past three years, the Belin-Blank Center’s Assessment and Counseling Clinic has worked extensively with gifted students who have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), also known as twice-exceptional. Therefore, we are able to offer experiencebased information and recommendations for administrators, educators, and residential staff of university-based programs. The purpose of PIP is to offer recommendations that will lead to a positive experience for twice-exceptional students who participate in specialized programs for gifted/talented students."

Parent Voices:  American Indian Relationships with Schools (1996) - Journal of American Indian Education

Preparing the Next Generation of STEM Innovators:  Identifying and Developing Our Nation's Human Capital- National Science Board - "The development of the nation's human capital through our education system is an essential building block for future innovation. Currently, the abilities of far too many of America's young men and women go unrecognized and underdeveloped, and, thus, these individuals may fail to reach their full potential. This represents a loss for both the individual and society. There are talented students with enormous potential from every demographic and from every part of our country who, with hard work and the proper educational opportunities, will form the next generation of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) innovators."

Small Poppies:  Highly Gifted Children in the Early Years - "This article by Miraca Gross is a classic on the development and needs of profoundly gifted children in infancy, toddlerhood and the preschool years. It discusses some of the hallmarks of extreme precocity in the very young. Other topics include identification and accommodation of these children."

What Works:  20 Years of Curriculum Development and Research for Advanced Learners - Joyce Van Tassel-Baska and Tamra Stambaugh, Editors.  

You Know Your Child Is Gifted When...A Beginner's Guide to Life On the Bright Side - Judy Galbraith -"Parenting a gifted child can be a mixed blessing. It helps to know what to look for, what to expect, and what other parents have experienced. This light-hearted introduction to life with a gifted child is a great place to start" (Free Spirit Publishing).